Lessons from Sara Horowitz’s New Book on Mutualism

Drawing on U.S. labor-movement and New-Deal-era history, Sara Horowitz urges a bottom-up approach to public policy to build cooperative-ecosystem density and “patient capitalist” perspective.

A Conversation with Camille Kerr of ChiFresh Kitchen

“We focus on formerly incarcerated people because that’s where the barriers are.” ChiFresh Kitchen, jump-started under unlikely conditions in early 2020, has a solid business footing and a vision for growth.

Fund Profile: Main Street Phoenix Project

Launched to meet the challenge of pandemic and disaster capitalism, the Main Street Phoenix Project turns acquisition, restructure and sale convention on its head — handing employees the keys and giving them the tools to stay in business as well.

Fund Profile: Community Equity Fund of Asheville, NC

How Stephanie Swepson-Twitty, Eagle Market Streets CEO, and Kevin Jones, Faith+Finance co-founder, began collaborating to address a critical business-funding gap in their Buncombe-County home area of western North Carolina.